7 Reasons Why Spain Must be in Your Travel Plans

Spain is one of the most beautiful and passionate countries in the world. It is filled with culture, good food, and amazing people. If Spain is not yet on your itinerary, you need to add it. This is why Spain is one of the best travel destinations and a must for all travellers:

It is inexpensive – Several of the destinations in Spain offer the opportunity for a cheap holiday of fun. If you go self-catering, it’s even more affordable. Places like Costa del Sol and Lanzarote are amongst the cheapest to travel to.

The beautiful beaches – Spain has a coastline of more than 5 000 miles. Those miles are made up of many beaches of all kinds. 577 of the beaches in Spain has received Blue Flag status which means that the beaches are clean, have good quality water, and offer facilities for people with disabilities.

The beautiful cities– Many of the world’s most loved cities can be found in Spain. Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville are but a few. These cities are beautiful and must-see destinations for any traveller.

The food – Most of us make use of Spanish ingredients or dishes in our everyday lives. When you travel to Spain, you can experience it in the original setting. There are so many wonderful restaurants that you will not know where to begin. The city of San Sebastian is thought to be the best city in the world for foodies to visit.

There is lots of sun – Spain is generally known as the sunniest country in Europe. The sun shines more than 300 days a year and you will always have the sunshine to enjoy when you travel there.

The sights – Many well-known and popular sights can be found in Spain. There is the Guggenheim museum, Majorca for cyclists, Segovia the huge aqueduct, and much more. Spain and its cities are filled with beautiful architecture and museums.

The history and culture – You will find Salvador Dali, the Sagrada Familia, and Pablo Picasso in Spain. Their art, presence, and their legacy.

Clearly, Spain is an absolute must on your travel itinerary.