Travel Guides

Traveling the world is always exciting but every trip needs some planning. For you to have a great trip, see all kinds of new things and go back home with some money left, you need to plan. Travel guides are great for planning routes and deciding on what sights to see. They also offer interesting and important facts about the countries you will be visiting. Many also have some language tips for foreign countries and also gives insight into specific traditions and cultural events.

A travel guide is a must when you travel. Whether you use an online guide or a printed guide, it doesn’t matter. We find that the printed or book versions of guides are best because you may not always have the Internet where you are. We here at See the Whit Sundays have two favorite travel guide publishers.

DK Eyewitness Travel Guides

DK Eyewitness Travel Guides are illustrated and full of great information for more than 200 destinations across the world. These guides include important information about every tourist attraction that you may want to visit. It also offers cultural and historical information to help you understand the destination and its sights. You will find many photographs, a very detailed map of the destination, recommendations, transportation maps, etc. in every guide. You can never go wrong with a DK Eyewitness Travel Guide.


Frommer’s is one of the most known and most popular travel guide names in the world. Both their online and printed guides and information are invaluable when planning a trip. They have guides for destinations all over the world and they also offer a lot of helpful and interesting information. A Frommer’s travel guide is a good investment and will make your trip one to remember.